“Fiona Jones is a genuine Dog-Whisperer. She has an amazing rapport with dogs of any age, breed or temperament and an awe-inspiring ability to tame the naughtiest pup.

Her classes were a huge help in learning how to train and tame our chocy-lab, Coco and we often draw on various tips and advice learned through the class.

She also takes a very personal interest in the ongoing welfare of the dogs, and is always prepared to offer information and advice.

Coco adores her, and for good reason.”

Gina Roncoli


“We, along with Abbey our spoodle attended puppy school and adolescent puppy school under the direction of Fiona Jones.

We were given the appropriate tools and training sessions to become the leaders that Abbey needed.

Fiona is passionate and professional in her approach to training and her classes are conducted in a down to earth and fun manner.

Fiona has a natural affinity with the puppies and Abbey responded so well to her training.

We highly recommend her classes, we have a dog who is a pleasure to live with.”

Michelle and Dallas Eady


“I met Fiona Jones 12 months ago while searching for puppy school to help us with our new little Labrador pup.

Buddy our puppy missed his litter family on his first week home with us and decided to be more than a handful during night time while he is inside his crate.

Fiona came to our rescue after our first week with Buddy while me and my partner were suffering from severe lack of sleep.

We attended one of her group puppy classes. Fiona was godsend to us! She asked us to come 20 mins prior to the class so we could have sometime with her to ask her questions.

We stayed back after the class just to get more tips. She helped us with disciplining, consistency, crate training, toilet training, basic commands and walking on a lead.

Her classes were so much fun because we got meet families, other dogs and it taught us to bond with our newest family member Bud.

Buddy went on to graduate Fiona’s puppy school with flying colours apart from the part where he couldn’t help but fall asleep during some of the walking drills 🙂

We also did the intermediate level class after the puppy class to teach me and Bud how to walk while he grows to be a big Labrador.

Overall, I highly recommend Fiona for her services to help with your pups, and dogs. She is a good teacher and genuinely loves our four legged friends.

She has helped us tremendously with our dog Buddy and for that I am forever grateful.

My dog Buddy and I can now enjoy long walks, play with respect, and share cuddles on the couch because he has learnt rules, consistency, and discipline.

My sincere thanks Fiona 🙂

Juliet Lara, Fairlight



“Dear Fiona,

I would like to acknowledge the great work you have achieved with our family and our chocolate Lab, Milo.

Your home visit when Milo was only 10 weeks old as invaluable.

Your Knowledge and caring nature all contributed to helping us settle in with our new puppy and stop any bad habits developing.

You’re understanding and patience with us as first time dog owners was exceptional and this continued when we started puppy school with you later on.

Most of all, I love your genuine affection for Milo when you were with him and this still continues today when we see you out and about.

I can highly recommend your home visits and continued puppy school course to any first time puppy owners as we have a well behaved, loving lab who gives us love and enjoyment every day.


Karen Ingram, North Manly



“I have the utmost pleasure in providing this recommendation and testimonial for Fiona Jones of Dog On It as she is most deserving of my comments below and far more.

Becoming a new puppy owner for the first time in my life even after having three children I found that I needed enormous help, support and comfort and Fiona provided that and more.

She is the most kind, caring, thoughtful and so relaxed in conveying information and assistance that it in my case maintained a calm state of mind, particularly when I felt out

of my depth or knowledge to deal with day to day puppy training.

Fiona’s attention to detail and relaxed manner takes all the stress out of these early puppy months.

I have enjoyed our personal one on one puppy training classes at home and have gained enormous confidence in so many areas given Fiona’s clear, concise and deliberate training methods.

Fiona’s skill and expertise in not only training but in a private class needing a screwdriver to adjust my doggie dog which I had no idea about further demonstrates her commitment and approach that all of us as owners of new puppies greatly benefit from.

I can only say now Fiona has been essential for both myself and Scooch.

I wish her well for her future and fully support her in her future training so that other people can enjoy and be rewarded as I have been.


Catherine and Scooch Simpson


“Bubba (my crazy adorable fur kid) and I first met Fiona Jones at Puppy School.

I found the classes to be very useful as I was a little anxious having a brand new puppy who was full of energy and 100% reliant on me for EVERYTHING!

Fiona answered all of my questions and concerns and settled my nerves immediately by demonstrating just how easy it is to be a calm and assertive leader, with a little bit of practice and consistency.

Fiona oozes confidence and leadership and dogs of all walks respond to her instantly.

We reinforced the basic training at Adolescent Class where Bubba did his best to assume the role of star pupil!

Any issues or concerns that we have relating to training or obedience where Bubba is concerned, Fiona is always the first person I call, including having her come out to the house for a bit of at-home guidance.

Bubba has a wonderful relationship with Fiona as well as her delightful fur kid Flynn.

We both trust her implicitly and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. ”

Nicola Aspinall , Frenchs Forest