Fiona Jones

When you book Puppy School or Dog Training with Dog On It, it will be me that will be teaching you and your dog. Dog On It prides it’s self on a personal, specialized service. I will be the person from the first phone call that will be there throughout to teach, guide and help you.

I literally grew up in a litter and was surrounded by dogs from the moment I arrived on the planet. The only child of a very successful Rough Collie (Lassie) Breeder meant being in the company of dogs everyday. You could say that dogs are in my blood. Being constantly surrounded by dogs gave me a very unique understanding of how they think and behave. It was the best possible training I could have had.

I quickly learn’t that through quality leadership comes devotion and respect. We are responsible for shaping & teaching our dogs, but in return there is much they can teach and give us. Understanding your dog and being able to fulfill your dogs needs will make a companion you will be proud of and a wonderful addition to your family.

Let me teach you to understand how your dog thinks. To teach you how to teach your dog, how to provide good leadership and give your dog purpose in your family. How to positively reinforce good behaviour to bring out the best in your four legged family member.